January 2008

I have published a new article at MVN analzying Kelvim Escobar.

I’ve posted an introduction and tutorial on various PITCHf/x topics at MVN.

  1. What is PITCHf/x?
  2. How do I get and use the data?
  3. Where can I find resources?
  4. How do I identify pitch types?
  5. How do I interpret graphs?
  6. Is the data reliable?
  7. Where can I go for further discussion and study?

I wrote a guest column for Rotojunkie, one of my favorite baseball discussion hangouts, analyzing the pitch repertoire of James Shields.

I have a new article at MVN analyzing Johan Santana’s pitches.

I have a new article at MVN analyzing Erik Bedard’s pitches.

If you’re interested in the raw data, you can download the Excel spreadsheet I used for the Bedard analysis.