May 2008

Last year I diligently kept a catalog of articles written about topics related to PITCHf/x or using PITCHf/x data. Some of you have noticed that I have been negligent in updating that catalog this year. My last full update was January 15, and I did a partial update on March 1.

A new update is now in progress behind the scenes. Since the article list now exceeds six hundred articles, I’m working toward a database solution to better track them all. Hopefully, I’ll be able to unveil something within the next few weeks. In the mean time, Harry, if you would quit writing more than an article per day, that would help a lot. I should just rename my catalog the Cubs f/x Index. 😉


I attended the First Annual PITCHf/x Summit hosted by Sportvision and MLBAM in San Francisco May 10-11.  My report on the summit is up at The Hardball Times.  You can also get a couple other viewpoints from Ike Hall and Harry Pavlidis as well as the discussion thread at the Book blog.

I apologize to Harry for inadvertently leaving mention of his presentation out of my report at THT.  Harry had a good report on all the amazing work that is being done by amateur PITCHf/x analysts like us.