This has nothing to do with anything except me reveling in the things you stumble upon in the PITCHf/x data set. I was looking at some Roy Oswalt data from last year. When I looked at his August 18 start, I noticed he had thrown his fastball at two distinctly different speeds.

Roy Oswalt pitch sequence August 18, 2007

When do you think Oswalt pulled his left oblique muscle?

You’re right. From the AP game recap:

Oswalt said he first felt something near his rib cage on his last pitch of the third inning, a curveball to Geoff Blum. Oswalt batted with two outs in the fourth and beat out an infield RBI single to give the Astros a 3-0 lead.

“I went through the fourth and told them I want to stay out there and see if I could get through two more innings,” Oswalt said. “Made it through the fourth and thought I could have made it through the fifth.”

No revolutionary analysis there, but I thought it was a fun tidbit.