The updated version of this catalog is now hosted by The Hardball Times.

In the week since I published and updated my catalog, there have been a few new articles published.

Our favorite PITCHf/x author, Joe P. Sheehan, has another good one in a long line of great articles.

  • On August 10, he published “Makin’ a Filter”, an article about an automated method for classifying all pitches into either fastball or off-speed and drawing some conclusions from the data about when each type of pitch is thrown.

Steve West at Go Rangers! has been cranking out the analysis:

Dr. Alan Nathan has published a very interesting paper on his Physics of Baseball site.

  • On August 8, he published “Analysis of PITCHf/x Pitched Baseball Trajectories” (PDF), a paper looking at Jon Lester’s start on August 3rd and classifying his pitches according to speed, spin magnitude, and spin direction. This technique shows important promise for pitch classification independent of release point measurement distance (y0). Plus there’s a lot of cool stuff on equations of motions for any other physicists out there.

We also welcome a new author to the PITCHf/x analysis fold in Chris Constancio.

Anthony has a short article up at Friar Watch.

Finally, ultxmxpx has updated his pitch classification page.

August 17 and August 25 updates:

Dan Fox has a new article up at Baseball Prospectus (subscription required).

Steve West has a new article at Go Rangers! .

Dave Cameron has a new article at U.S.S. Mariner.

Joe P. Sheehan has a new article at Baseball Analysts.

Once again we extend a welcome to a new author, this time Harry at his new blog Cubs F/X.

September 1 update:

Dan Fox has a couple new articles at various places.

  • On August 25, the Rocky Mountain SABR chapter published “Jimenez Delivers”, an article about Ubaldo Jimenez’s August 25th start.
  • On August 27, the BP Unfiltered blog published “Changeup Challenged”, an article classifying Billy Wagner’s pitches.

Steve West has a new article at Go Rangers!

  • On August 30, he published “Danks but No Danks”, an article looking at pitcher John Danks and classifying his pitches.

Harry Pavlidis has been cranking out the analysis at Cubs F/X.

Once again, a hearty welcome goes out as we welcome another PITCHf/x researcher to the fold: mb22414 from the Friar Forecast blog.

Cafe Whither has another Chinese-language article.